Our Approach

At Cloudworks we know that success is only arrived at by means of listening to you, understanding your needs and discussing options with you, before finally crafting a solution. By following this approach we have the opportunity learn and respond - you have the opportunity to check that you’re being heard and will get what you need.

Introductory phase

We see all customers as partners and our aim is to understand your goals and then design and deliver solutions to meet them in partnership with you.

Consultation phase

Very few projects are exactly alike and so we spend time to analyse your overarching business objectives. Often, new ideas arise in this phase and we are able to articulate a solution that goes beyond your expectations.

Specification writing phase

In order to ensure that all parties understand the detail of the solution being proposed, and to act as a reference point going forward, we provide detailed documentation describing the solution on everyday terms.

Project planning phase

Next we embark on planning and target setting. This gives both of us the chance to plan the use of our resources and will throw up any potential bottlenecks or hazards. Key individuals are identified who will guide the development and delivery of the solution.

Development phase

Typically, we develop incrementally to benchmarked goals. Regular review sessions are held to ensure targets are being met and that the solution, as it unfolds, is still meeting your business objectives.

Testing phase

All of our software goes through internal testing before we release it to you. Then you have the opportunity to make sure that the solution performs to your expectations.


When the solution has been thoroughly tested, then the live data loading can commence and the solution reaches the pre-launch stage.

Finally, once every box has been ticked and the solution has been honed for delivery, we shake hands and plan the next phase of our partnership.

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