Business Intelligence

Understanding what is going on in your business is key to determining your strategy for successful business growth.

  • the more you know, the better informed your decisions
  • the more you understand, the greater your chances of succeeding

That is why having a business intelligence strategy is so important to improving your likelihood of success.

DiverBI - power and control

Cloud-works has teamed up with DiverBI to offer the unrivalled Diver suite of business intelligence products. Developed over a number of years and in a number of industry sectors by Dimensional Insight, Diver is a mature, robust and extremely fast data analysis tool.

Diver consistently performs well in all of the major international BI systems reviews, including those produced by Gartner, BARC, Klas and Dresner. In particular, Diver regularly polls highly in customer satisfaction surveys by these companies.

DiverBI - flexibility

The beauty of Diver is that it will handle whatever combinations of data source you throw at it (excel spreadsheets, ODBC files, flat files, XML content etc). The unique Diver data model builder enables you to quickly achieve meaningful results in the form of tables, graphs and dashboard widgets.

So, if you’re looking for a mobile management dashboard for on-the-go executives, or you want real-time business-critical intelligence on your desktop, Cloud-works can deliver a Diver solution that’s right for you.

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