Bespoke Development

‘Square pegs and round holes’ often comes to mind when we hear of software solutions for travel companies

There is no doubt that the nature of selling travel has changed dramatically over the past ten years. The growth of the Internet and the shake up of the relationship between tour operators and travel agents has led to the need for a more flexible technology.

The nature of modern technologies means that it is easier than in times past to adapt and create plug-ins for software applications. However, each new adaptation brings with it an increasing level of fragility and complexity - often to the point where it becomes counter-productive for the technology provider and the customer to pursue further development.

Increasingly, travel companies are turning to bespoke software solutions. In such cases, it is imperative to choose a development provider with an understanding of the industry. Even then, it is important that the provider is capable of understanding and translating the ‘business need’ of the customer. (Many a customer has been given a ‘perfect’ product only to find that it is perfect in a testing lab and less so in a real world setting.)

At Cloud-works we focus on your needs. We listen, absorb and discuss with you what you are trying to achieve. Then we add in refinements and complimentary ideas, before arriving at a solution that can be understood and agreed on by all. We provide a ‘functional specification’ document that is refined and honed through discussion and then becomes a reference point for both partners. That way, you can remain in charge of your project and we can check the appropriateness of the software at every point of development.

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